Providing A Clear Vision For The Future

Digital Progressive Lenses From Crossbows Optical

Our progressive lenses provide a fantastic visual experience. Progressive designs range from everyday use to specific lifestyle needs and they incorporate smart and patented digital technology.

And what’s more, you can supply your clients with our high quality lens designs under your own brand!

We enable great progressive lens production.

High Performance Optical Solutions

Crossbows Lens designs

Crossbows offer a superior quality of lenses with state of the art technology built in. This means you can offer your client’s a high performing lens under your own brand!

We offer direct access to our R&D team, the ability to design lenses unique to your lab and bespoke marketing to ensure your lab stands out from the crowd.

Tradition of Innovation

We combine experience (tracing our roots back to 1947) and innovation in progressive technology

Building Your Brand

We provide marketing support to our lab partners

Bespoke Freeform Designs

We can develop bespoke lens designs to suit your client base

Crossbows Your Partner

From technical support to sales training we provide unrivalled service

Design Catalogue

Our fantastic portfolio of CrossbowsRX freeform designs range from all purpose progressives to unique lifestyles and innovative alternatives to bifocals

Introducing: Custom Sport SV

The Custom Sport SV delivers sharper single vision for fashion and wrap frames featuring EyeView and EyePower technology.


Smooth Optics: Powering The Legendary Custom Delux Lens

PATENTED technology which provides optimum vision for the lens wearer.

  • Superior patient comfort
  • Sharp viewing in all directions
  • Minimizes blurring
  • Faster patient adaptation and greater satisfaction

Watch How Our Freeform Provides Clearer Vision

Our video demonstrates some of the key benefits of our freeform software, the built in technologies and the wide range of all purpose and lifestyle options available for your patients.

Our CrossbowsRX has revolutionized the way you think about lens designs, prescriptions and frames. This short video highlights the level of customization available for an individual’s prescription and the extensive frame choice it makes possible.