Tell Us Your Needs

Nobody knows your customers’ and their patients’ needs better than you!

So tell us what you need to provide the best lens design. Do your patient’s need a soft design for easy adaptation or wider fields of view? Would you like a long or short corridor? And does your local market have any particular lifestyle requirements, for example is it a golfing resort or a seaside town with an aging demographic?

Leave It To Our Experts In R&D

Once you have told us what you need, whether in general terms or detailed data, you can just sit back and relax!

Our team specialise in lens design and over the past 3 decades have been at the forefront of research and development in progressive addition lens (PAL) technology. Combine that with our industry leading design software and you can be assured your new bespoke design will be perfect for your needs.

Ensuring Patient Satisfaction

Our experts will ensure the design is verified before you create a single lens but to ensure total satisfaction we will provide free clicks to support wearer trials.

Guaranteeing our design meets your specification and your customers’ requirements.

The Result

A Totally Unique Lens Design For Your Lab, Your Brand and Ultimately Your Customers