The platFORM for all Custom designs.


A cohesive approach, utilising all the geometric building blocks (splines and ellipses) at the time of design rather than simply minimising distortion in primary parts of the lens. The intrinsically natural design results in a better overall performance and higher adaptation rates as it does not only focus on distance and reading.

Designed to Meet the Perfect Optical Properties From The Outset

Smooth Optics

PATENTED technology which provides superior vision for the lens wearer. It is a radical approach which allows the lens design to be created with a very smooth mean power profile.

  • Superior patient comfort
  • Sharp viewing in all directions
  • Minimizes blurring experienced with traditional progressives
  • Faster patient adaptation times and greater patient satisfaction

Raytracing provides consistent performance

Digital Eyeview

Digital EyeView technology uses specially developed software which optimises the entire lens to correct power errors. Each lens is customised to the prescription.

  • More consistent optical performance over the range of prescription powers
  • Wider viewing areas for patients with long sightedness
  • Improved distance area for patients with short sightedness
  • Improved image quality in principal viewing areas

Provides best as worn condition

Digital EyePower

Digital EyePower is an extension of the Digital EyeView principles, where it takes into account the patient’s parameters and individual’s choice of frame to adjust the optical performance of the lens to give the best as worn condition.

  • Best as worn condition
  • Ideal for sports and fashion wrap frames