Crossbows’ Resource Library

Our Resource Library is our exclusive technical resource. Browse and read through technical papers on everything from our premium technologies to edge blending, access our newest marketing collateral and allow us to help you deliver better freeform lenses. Our Marketing Department will work with our clients to customise any materials contained within this section please contact [email protected].

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Progressive Designs & Single Vision

Custom Delux: Powered by groundbreaking Smooth Optics technology, Custom Delux
offers unrivalled smoothness of design, enhances patient comfort and minimises swim effects. Read more about Delux.

Custom Dynamic: Utilises EyeView technology to give a more consistent optical performance regardless of the prescription power. The design now features EyePower to ensure the best as worn condition regardless of frames or personal features. Read more about Dynamic.

Custom All Purpose: Our most popular design has just got better. The Custom All Purpose design is an excellent all purpose progressive design which provides the wearer with strong vision across all applications. Read more about All Purpose.

Single Vision Designs: our SV lenses are perfect for those with an active lifestyle. EyePower’s raytracing analysis considers the patient’s parameters and choice of frame while the application of EyeView removes the peripheral blurring associated with traditional single vision lens. Read more about SV designs.

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Occupational & Lifestyle Range

Occupational Range: An excellent alternative to a traditional reading lens, our Occupational Design range is perfect for use in office environments, providing clear vision for reading and
intermediate viewing. Read more about Occupational designs.

Custom Relax 2.0: A progressive design for patients who are not presbyopic. It avoids the patient’s eyes becoming tired and strained if they spend much of the day focusing on the same distance such as using a computer. Read more about Relax 2.0.

Custom Junior Soft: The Custom Junior Soft progressive is designed specifically to help reduce the onset of myopia in young people. The design offers a large stable reading area combined with excellent peripheral clarity in the distance zone. Read more about Junior Soft.

Custom Driver: The Custom Driver is a progressive design that includes a wide distance
area for comfortable viewing across the full width of the windscreen. The intermediate area is perfect for reading dashboard gauges. Read more about Driver.

Custom Blended Bifocal: This Custom Blended Bifocal design is applied to the back surface
of semi-finished single vision lens eliminating the tell-tale ledge
found on cast bifocals. Read more about Blended Bifocal.


Built In Technologies:

Technical Papers


Smooth Optics: PATENTED technology which provides optimum vision for the lens wearer. It is a radical approach which allows the lens design to be created with a very smooth mean power profile. Read more on Smooth Optics.


Digital EyeView: Digital EyeView uses raytracing technology to ensure superior performance across the entire lens. It uses specially developed software which optimises the entire lens to correct power errors. Read more about EyeView.

Crossbows Rx™


Introduction To The Software & Standard Features


Crossbows Rx™: Our innovative CrossbowsRx™ software is a stand-alone calculator or a web based system that facilitates the production of our advanced designs with state of the art ophthalmic technologies. Read more on our advanced freeform software.


OptiEdge: OptiEdge a unique form of Edge Blending allows an improvement in the cosmetic appearance of higher powered lenses by altering their outer edges and making them lighter and thinner. Read more on our OptiEdge feature.

Marketing Collateral

Design Catalogue

2024 Freeform Range catalogue Our Freeform catalogue for 2024, the guide focuses on our core progressive designs, unique lifestyle lens and alternatives to bifocals and is packed full of great designs and state of the art technologies.