Smooth & Fast Installation

Our engineers will ensure a seamless transition to Crossbows designs. The actual set-up should take no more than 15 minutes! Our designs are available on all leading manufacturers’ equipment

Help Define A Lens Portfolio To Suit Your Market

We will work with you to identify a suitable range of eyeglass lens to meet your customers’ and their patients’ requirements

Reactive Technical Support

All issues relating to lens prescriptions and designs will be responded to within one working day by our friendly and knowledgeable team

Latest Designs

As we improve our excellent designs or release new products, you will be notified and designs made available

Quality Control

We have a verification process for new clients and provide regular quality control of your production, assuring you of a continuously high level of quality lens designs


We offer training on our freeform designs for your production and sales teams to ensure they understand the features and benefits

Marketing Support

We provide tailored marketing support, including bespoke sales and marketing collateral

Customised Designs

We can produce exclusive designs to your specifications to meet your market’s requirements