How long does it take to install the CrossbowsRX™ software?

CrossbowsRX™ is normally installed and tested within 10 minutes. This is completed remotely by one of our expert engineers who can assist with any queries you may have.

How do you setup/modify the input and output folders for CrossbowsRX™?

The input and output folders that the LMS sends and receives files from can be changed at any time by closing down the server mode and then selecting File – Input File or File – Output File.  Once you have browsed to the required destination, select OK to store.

How do I get more credit?

Crossbows incorporates an email facility which will send a warning email to addresses of your choice once the balance reaches a predetermined amount.  Credit can then be requested from Crossbows via the support email address

Why did my software balance suddenly increase?

The standard Crossbows prices offer discount when lens production passes a threshold.  Crossbows pricing will start on the most expensive price per lens and as the threshold is passed the software will recalculate the price for all the progressive lenses calculated for that month on the cheaper rate and provide a credit for the difference.

Does the CrossbowsRX™ software require a constant internet connection?

The CrossbowsRX™ software requires an internet connection every 2 days in order to function.  However, a constant internet connection will allow the customer to avail of several useful features including our web portal, low click warnings and automatic backup of critical settings.

Why have I suddenly received an error that my ‘Time certificate’ is out of date?

The Crossbows dongle will check the time and date every two days and if there is no internet connection then this error will appear.  Once internet is restored open the CodeMeter Control Center and select ‘Process – Update Time Certificates’ to resolve this issue.

Do I get charged for repeat jobs?

Crossbows will charge for every calculation unless told otherwise.  There are several options available depending on the Lab Management System (LMS) used.

  • Crossbows honours the Vision Council TOKEN facility and thus will not charge for repeat jobs if sent by the LMS
  • If a pre-calculation surface is required for centre thickness values, the LMS can send Vision Council DOPRE, DOSDL & DOSDF values to avoid a charge

Is there a manual for CrossbowsRX™?

Yes, Crossbows include three documents during the install process.  These can be found in Windows Start – Crossbows Freeform Software.  If in doubt contact our Technical support team.

  • LDS File Specification – Explains the values which can be sent to CrossbowsRX™ by the Lab Management System. These are taken in large part from the Vision Council standard
  • RXInfo File specification – Describes the RXInfo file which is where CrossbowsRX™ stores your unique lab settings
  • Tutorial – Explains the CrossbowsRX™ software and includes helpful examples

Is there a process for verifying than my manufacturing process is working correctly?

Once a lab has been setup with the CrossbowsRX™ software we would always recommend sending lenses back to Crossbows for analysis.  This service is free and we will be delighted to check that your manufacturing process is setup correctly and that the engraving is in the correct place, the surface is good quality and that they prescription meets ANSI standard.

Do I have to pay for CrossbowsRX™ software updates?

All Crossbows software is fully supported with free updates and technical support.  It is important to keep the software up to date as we are continually adding new features and software improvements.

How do I get the new Crossbows designs?

Crossbows are constantly adding new designs and it is a very simple update process which only takes 5 minutes.  Please contact Technical support to arrange a free update.

Can I view a list of the jobs I have processed?

Yes, the new versions of the CrossbowsRX™ software allow access to our web portal which allows visibility of the jobs processed.

I have a complex prescription which will not process?

All jobs are not made equal and sometimes a customer’s prescription will not process.  If you can send the LDS and LMS file to our Technical team, we would be delighted to recommend a solution to allow the job to process.

My addition powers are slightly weak for my manufacturing process.  Is there anything I can do?

All manufacturing processes need monitored and are not always the same.  The CrossbowsRX™ software has built in facilities to alter the addition powers so that your customers receive the addition power prescribed.  Please contact our Technical support for help with this.

Is there a settings page for CrossbowsRX™ so I can fine tune my process?

CrossbowsRX™ is extremely flexible and can be tailored to your production process.  In the ‘Tools – Options’ section there are parameters which can be changed to meet your individual needs.  It is best to contact Crossbows Technical support for advice on your requirements.