Independent clients have told us that our moulds produce 3 times the number of lenses

High Quality and Durable Moulds

This means that Crossbows moulds:

  • Are extremely cost effective solutions
  • Reduce laboratories downtime
  • Increase production yield

Established Suppliers of Progressive Glass Moulds

Crossbows Optical has been manufacturing ophthalmic glass moulds since the 1980s and developed their own design technology. We sell progressive, aspheric and atoric moulds worldwide for semi-finished and finished lens production.

All progressives come in individual left and right eye designs for optimal viewing zones.

The mould manufacturing process was converted to direct CNC machining in the early 2000s when Crossbows Optical R&D started designing freeform software for progressive and single vision lenses.

Along with a robust progressive design portfolio, Crossbows Optical also produces custom aspheric and atoric moulds made to provided specifications.

Glass Mould Designs

We offer a fantastic range of glass moulds to suit all traditional caster’s requirements

Quality Assured

Our moulds are produced to the highest quality with outstanding glass

Smooth Optics

Designed To Meet The Optimal Optical Properties From The Outset