Custom Sport SV

Custom Sport SV is an aspheric lens design that delivers enhanced visual performance for myopes and hypermetropes with a better clarity of vision through a reduction in the peripheral distortion.

EyeView Technology corrects oblique astigmatic and mean oblique errors caused by the eye’s variable gaze angle during normal wear. As the eye gazes away from the optical centre of the lens, the optics are distorted.

EyeView uses specially developed software that incorporates the results of raytracing over the lens and corrects these errors for the individual’s prescription.

EyePower is an extension of EyeView principles, where the extra Back Vertex Distance and Pantoscopic tilt along with face bow measurements come into play to obtain the best “as worn” conditions possible. This involves using a complex model of how the eye looks through the lens. Correcting astigmatic errors on the periphery of the lens allows strong prescriptions to be used in sports and fashion wrap frames. With conventional lenses, the astigmatism on the lens edges results in distorted fields of view at either the nasal or temporal side of a wrap frame. With modern digital technology, the wider viewing field extends across the entire frame hbox.

Edge Blending available for minus prescriptions to reduce edge thickness and offer a more cosmetically attractive lens

Benefits include:

  • Improved vision with minimal peripheral distortion
  • Custom Single Vision lens is 14% thinner (based on -5.00D power, Ø70, 1.6 index)
  • Flatter lenses adding to the improved cosmetic appeal
  • Wider choice of frames
  • Reduces the small eyes effect for high minus prescriptions and big eyes effect for high plus prescriptions
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