Reduce Non-Adapts

Through Process And Technology

Within the progressive industry there has traditionally been a challenge to reduce non-adapts, whether that be people requiring their first progressives or seasoned wearers moving to new designs.

That no longer needs to be the case but it is important to work with eye care professionals and use appropriate designs and technology to minimise non-adapts.

  1. Know the designs. Everyone in the supply chain from the lab to the dispensing eye care professional should understand the design range and how to identify the most appropriate product
  2. Ensure correct measurement and marking of lenses. Accurate alignment can regularly be the issue.
  3. Lens power verification. We offer a verification process to ensure that your production is making the correct lens powers across a whole range of designs.
  4. Adopt design technology that focuses on enhancing patient comfort and reducing non-adapts. For example, our Smooth Optics technology provides superior patient comfort hence increasing adaptation rate and minimises blurring experienced with traditional progressives

Designs To Reduce Non-Adapts With Smooth Optics