MP congratulates Crossbows Optical on continued growth

CarlaVisits CrossbowsOptical
MP congratulates Crossbows Optical on continued growth
Upper Bann Member of Parliament Carla Lockhart has visited Lurgan based Crossbows Optical, to engage with the management team and discuss the very positive role played by the company in growing Northern Ireland exports. Carla met with Managing Director, Patrick McCollum, and Technical Director Richard McRoberts, alongside Sales and Marketing Manager, Jonathan Bell.
Speaking after the visit, Carla Lockhart said:
“Crossbows Optical is a real success story for Lurgan, and indeed for Northern Ireland.
The company can trace its origins back to the Optical, built in 1947. That factory was originally built as a munitions factory for the war. Of course by 1947 the war was over, so the factory became part of a UK network producing glasses for distribution throughout the UK on the NHS.
From these origins, Crossbow Optical is now in the top 50 firms in Northern Ireland, and is exporting products right across the world. It was great to hear from the team how the company is experiencing ongoing growth, despite the hugely competitive market it operates in.
Crossbows Optical is synonymous with a quality product at a price point that is in the interests of the consumer. That is down to the workforce here in Lurgan, who continue to drive forward innovation and enhanced production methods.
I commend Patrick, Richard, Jonathan and the whole team here. The sense of collective pride in the product, and the company’s success, is really striking. I wish the company well for the future and will be watching their continued growth with interest.”