Custom Relax S

The Custom Relax S design is a progressive design for people who are not presbyopic. It avoids the patient’s eyes becoming tired and strained if they spend a large portion of the day focusing at the same distance, e.g. using a computer. It is available in two forms; Custom Relax S I has an addition of 0.66D, Custom Relax S II has an addition of 1.00D.

  • Soft transition between vision zones, a very wide intermediate area and reduced distortion to the sides.
  • Relax S is recommended to younger patients who have no prescribed addition but use a computer regularly or read a lot.
  • Relax S supports this near vision focusing by having a small amount of addition that allows the eyes to use less of their accommodation and therefore allows the wearer to continue doing near vision tasks for longer without tiring their eyes.
  • Relax S is an intermediate step between single vision and progressives and can make the transition to wearing progressives an easier one.
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