Custom Delux

Custom Delux seamlessly integrates all of Crossbows leading technologies (Smooth Optics, EyeView, EyePower & CustomFORM) to create an outstanding visual solution for every patient.

Delux, our premium lens design for the discerning wearer, was created using our “Smooth Optics” design system. This radical approach reverses the normal design process and has allowed Delux to be designed from the outset with a very smooth mean power profile, thus minimizing swim effects and providing excellent patient comfort and rapid adaptation.

EyeView technology uses specially developed software which modifies the entire lens to correct power errors. Each lens is customized to the prescription. Raytracing provides more consistent optical performance over the range of prescription powers, there is wider viewing areas for patients with hypermetropia, improved distance area for patients with myopia and clearer image quality in main viewing areas

EyePower is an extension of the EyeView principles, where the unique and comprehensive raytracing analysis considers the patient’s parameters and individual’s choice of frame (back vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt and face wrap) to compensate the prescription.  This results in best as worn condition, is ideal for sports and fashion wrap frames and offers sharper and higher resolution vision.

The design also sports excellent binocular balance.

Custom Delux is Ideal For:

  • Experienced progressive wearers looking for the best quality design.
  • Sports wrap and fashion frame wearers.
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