Digital EyeView

How Raytracing Technology Improves Lenses For Real Life Viewing

Digital EyeView: What Is It?

Digital EyeView uses raytracing technology to ensure superior performance across the entire lens. It uses specially developed software which optimises the entire lens to correct power errors.
Each lens is customised to the prescription.

Where Is It Used?

EyeView is only employed in our most advanced all purpose progressives (V+ Soft, V+ Wide, U Soft, U Wide), Custom Sport, and Custom Single Vision.

What Are The Benefits?

  • More consistent optical performance over the range of prescription powers
  • Wider viewing areas for patients with long sightedness
  • Improved distance area for patients with short sightedness
  • Improved image quality in principal viewing areas

For a more in-depth look at Digital Eyeview see our Guide to Eyeview.