Custom Single Vision

Custom Single Vision is an aspheric lens design that delivers enhanced visual performance for myopes and hypermetropes with a better clarity of vision through a reduction in the peripheral distortion. Freeform digital technology is usually associated with progressive lens designs but single vision prescriptions also benefit from this advancement. Since the optical centre of a cast single vision lens is a fixed point, high plus and minus prescriptions can result in restricted fields of clear vision, unflattering profiles and a limited range of frame choices for these patients. Introducing advanced technologies Digital Eyepower and Digital Eyeview resolves these traditional problems.

Digital EyeView technology reduces peripheral distortion caused by unwanted astigmatism associated with conventional single vision lenses. Digital EyePower makes this design ideal for sports and fashion wrap frames.

Benefits include:

  • Improved vision with minimal peripheral distortion
  • Custom Single Vision lens is 14% thinner (based on -5.00D power, Ø70, 1.6 index)
  • Flatter lenses adding to the improved cosmetic appeal
  • Wider choice of frames
  • Reduces the small eyes effect for high minus prescriptions and big eyes effect for high plus prescriptions
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