Custom Office

Custom Office is a lens designed primarily for use in office environments. It is not a traditional progressive design, but rather is an alternative to a reading lens, providing clear vision for reading and intermediate viewing. The wide range of degression allows the ideal choice to be made for all reading additions up to 3.00D and also allows the user to benefit from fully corrected reading, intermediate vision and maximised distance vision. The design reduces eye and neck strain associated with long term use of computers.

Custom Office lens is great to wear while working at a task requiring near or intermediate vision. The benefits over a fully corrected progressive lens is a wider field of view and more comfortable posture as the reading area is much more accessible. It compromises some of the full distance vision of a normal progressive lens, but still allows the user to see up to 2.0 m.

Also suitable for vocations such as carpenters, tailors, artists and musicians. Ideal for those who spend a lot of time in their home and on close to eye activities.

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