Custom Junior Soft

The Custom Junior Soft (All NEW Design) progressive lens is designed specifically to help reduce the onset of myopia in young people between the ages of 8 and 16 years. The design offers a large stable reading area combined with excellent peripheral clarity in the distance zone.

This mild progressive design was created in response to clinical studies regarding the use of multifocals in young children to slow down the progression of early onset myopia. The studies, which were performed in both Asia and the USA conclude that lenses such as Custom Junior will reduce the onset of myopia. Recommended for 8-16 year olds based on indications that myopia stabilizes by the late teens or early twenties. The Junior design offers a large stable reading area and excellent peripheral clarity in the distance zone.

Smooth Optics ensure that Junior Soft has a sector leading smooth optical performance whilst minimising swim effect.

Designed For Children

Custom Junior Soft comes with variable decentration and OptiEdge to reduce edge thickness and select flatter lens curves based on the prescription. Thin, light-weight lenses are important for children’s small frames. Blocked or surfaced prescribed prism may be added if needed.
The corridor has been kept short at 13mm, which allows this lens to have a minimum fitting height of 14mm allowing the frames to be smaller than typical adult frames. It is not a full range progressive, addition should be prescribed at 2.0, other additions are available.

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