When You Need Metal Inserts For Traditional Casting

You Need Crossbows Optical

Our metal inserts assure you of a top quality optical design and a high lens yield of up to 250,000 lenses.

Crossbows Optical can also design and produce custom inserts to your specifications or reproduce existing inserts. All metal inserts are made with quality nickel-plated stainless steel with a surface hardness of Rockwell C 50/52. Optical surfaces are precision diamond-turned.

Progressive, single vision & custom inserts

Our team excel in cutting edge lens designs and production of metal inserts

  • Sold worldwide for semi-finished and finished lens production
  • Made-to-order progressive or single vision metal inserts
  • Convex or concave

Exclusive Designs

Our expert R&D team will work with you to produce exclusive designs that you can promote as completely bespoke.

They specialise in lens design and over the past 3 decades have been at the forefront of research and development in progressive addition lens (PAL) technology. Combine that with our industry leading design software, and you can be assured your new bespoke design will be perfect for your needs.