Wide range of options to assist the ECP dispense

miCrossbows allows the ECP to take the patient’s individual measurements (Pantoscopic, Wrap and Frame) using the built-in camera, and also to demonstrate the added benefits of premium coatings, various lens designs and a variety of tints and treatments. The app can demonstrate the benefits of an Aspherical lens over Spherical, thinner lens on higher indices and even allow the patient to compare frames!

Customised To Meet Your Requirements

Your App, Your Brand

miCrossbows can be customised to your requirements, from including your logo to changing the colour of the app or configuring design names!

Displaying Their Fields of Vision Performance

Your Lens Designs

miCrossbows houses all your favourite Crossbows designs and presents them in an attractive way allowing the ECP to present the benefits of the products and provides explanations on the innovative technologies powering the designs.

Wide Range of Demo Tools

From Ruler to Frame Compare

miCrossbows is the result of 12 months of working with industry partners to develop an innovative and dynamic application with a range of tools for both the ECP and the patient, presented in a professional manner to assist the optician’s sales process.

To help your lab’s house brand lens designs stand out in an ECP.

Minimum Recommended Specifications

  • Tablets with Android version supported 8,9,10
  • Screen size 10-10.1”
  • Back camera
  • ARM Cortex-A series CPU
  • ARMv7 Instructions
  • NEON Technology
  • GPU