Quality Assured

Our Glass Mould Process

Not only do Crossbows have the best ophthalmic designs on the market but we ensure that they are produced to the highest possible specification.

Stage 1

Agree Your Specifications

We liaise closely with you to ensure that we meet all of your requirements, from design concept to precise parameters.

Before we begin production we ensure that you sign off the final technical drawing.

Understanding is key

Stage 2

Project Managed

We treat each and everyone of our clients as partners who keep informed throughout the mould production process.

Our project managers will keep a close eye on production to keep you informed and ensure quality and timescales are being met.

On-going client communications

Stage 3

Specialist Production

All of our glass moulds are produced on top quality, precision engineered Optotech machines. ensuring that the our end product matches your specific requirements and will enable you to produce the highest quality of lens.

Precision engineering

Stage 4

Test, test, test

We have a team dedicated to testing all of our glass moulds. We use highly skilled operatives and tried and tested methods of examination to ensure your specifications are met.

Guaranteeing your satisfaction


Highest Quality Materials

For each and every glass mould that we produce we use only the very finest raw materials.

Our S-3 Glass (Barberini Schott) is the key ingredient and has an excellent performance record.

Quality In, Quality Out

Skilled Team

Best Production Team In The Industry

Our production team’s experience and skills is second to none having an average length of service to the opthalmic industry of almost 30 years!