Custom Bigressive Wide

Many presbyopes still choose bifocal lenses for their impressively wide fields of view, but bifocals have inherent disadvantages in the transition from distance to near vision. In addition to an image jump, there is either a blended zone (in the freeform bifocal) or a line separating the two areas (in the traditional bifocal).

The Custom Bigressive uses advanced progressive lens technology to create a patented hybrid design. There is a smooth transition from distance to near, as in a progressive, but with the wide fields of view of a bifocal, without any unsightly line. The reading segment is positioned to allow a seamless transition from distance to near vision without any image jump. The transition is then spread across the periphery of the lens in one of two ways: in the Hard design, there is a small transition area for maximum viewing zones; in the Soft design, there is a larger transition area for maximum viewing comfort. These designs are very well suited to the emerging presbyope.

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